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July 4 (6)
What Are Its Causes and How Can We Defeat It?
The only way to actually reduce antisemitism is to deal with it at its core.
On the 21st Yahrzeit of Rabbi JJ Hecht
Rabbi Moshe Feller, the chief Chabad emissary to Minnesota, shares personal stories of how legendary Jewish activist, Rabbi JJ Hecht, showed him how "a red-blooded American" could be the model of a passionately committed Jew.
Happy 231st America – Happy 20th Prozac!
What they didn't tell us that you're not necessarily entitled to happiness--your right is merely to pursue it...
The Emmys is an event that is organized to credit, acknowledge and reward those who are the most talented in their fields. It is an evening that is intended to celebrate skill, capability, and creativity, and yet, in the end, it is just one big fashion sh...
Reflections on the place of G-d in American society
America has spawned many wonderful myths. The most wonderful thing about these myths is that they can be made true. There is, however, one American myth that is very dangerous, particularly for us Jews.
Via modern theater, we can gain insights into the nature of the infinite.
What can the American experience teach us about being Jewish?
Rights for Self-Determination Vs. Obligations for Spiritual Growth
I was a firecracker baby, as American as apple pie and baseball.
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