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Neshek Campaign, The Rebbe's

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Neshek Campaign, The Rebbe's: The Shabbat Candle Lighting Campaign
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Mrs. Esther Sternberg is the director of the Shabbos Candle Campaign, a division of the Lubavitch Women's Organization. She was involved in the medical care of the Rebbe’s wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, until the Rebbetzin’s passing in 1988. While the Rebb...
The campaign really took off — we produced a brochure with candle-lighting times and we began to give out candleholders which were manufactured for us by Mr. Ted Kupferstein. Mr. Kupferstein once calculated that he manufactured eight million candleholders...
One of the great mitzvah campaigns the Rebbe initiated was that all Jewish women, and even young girls, light the Shabbat candles, which usher in the holiness of the day. Though this mitzvah is merely rabbinic in origin, yet in this class we uncover the i...
Illuminating the World
The mission of the "Neshek" (acronym for Neirot Shabbat Kodesh) campaign is to encourage every Jewish women to light Shabbat candles. How did this campaign begin and how has it evolved over the years?
A girl spoke in a non-religious school in Israel about the Mitzvah of Shabbos candles. She taught them the blessings, and gave them candles and candlesticks to take home.
Learn the inner reasons, historical context, and basic how-to instructions for lighting Shabbat candles.
Program provides a delightful new twist on a storied 50-year campaign
Squeals of joy and excitement could be heard on a late Friday afternoon at the Niedober home in Stamford, Conn., as Jessica Niedober’s two daughters, Ariella and Kayla, eagerly unwrapped their new Shabbat candle-lighting kits. Every Friday evening before ...
In the 1970s, Charles Ramat had a number of audiences with the Rebbe. During one of these meetings, he asked the Rebbe about something he was struggling with.
Yehudah Clapman recalls arranging a private audience with the Rebbe for his cousins. After asking the girls in the family to light their own Shabbos candle, the Rebbe offered them a special gift to help them get started. When they tried to thank the Rebbe...
Living a Higher Life
An introduction to the Rebbe's Mitzvah Campaign and how the mitzvah of lighting Shabbat candles can help make your home a safe spiritual haven.
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