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Israel Defense Force (IDF)

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Donating 250 backpacks for teens with disabilities, and then delivering them in person
Some people go the extra mile. In 12-year-old Tanya Andrusier’s case, she literally traveled many extra miles for a cause that’s important to her. At a recent ceremony at a military base in Israel, the resident of Bal Harbour, Fla., gave 250 backpacks to ...
Belev Echad program offers them the chance to sightsee and meet the local Jewish community
A group of Israel Defense Forces soldiers wounded in terror attacks and as part of “Operation Protective Edge” in the summer of 2014 recently spent 10 days touring New York City, thanks to a program called Belev Echad. During their stay in New York, the 1...
Festive holiday meals, lulav-and-etrog sets, a mobile sukkah and Jews from around the world
When the Cohen family of Hebron sat down for dinner on the first night of Sukkot, they were joined by dozens of friends—all members of the Israel Defense Forces who were stationed nearby. “It is really special for us to sit with them in the sukkah and mak...
‘One Heart’ program participants reminisce and reconnect in Israel
A special reunion took place in Israel—one that had the power to bring the strongest and bravest of men to tears. Delegations of wounded Israeli soldiers who have traveled to New York City with the organization Belev Echad (“One Heart” in Hebrew) over the...
An IDF soldier shares her experience as a companion of a Mayanot tour of Israel this summer.
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