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Today there are about 25,000 Jews remaining in Poland. Some of the older Jews are passing on, and before they go, they tell their families for the first time that they are Jewish...
She had risked her life to save him during the war, and so she never wanted him to know the truth. She swore her neighbors to secrecy, and they dutifully remained silent for five decades...
In 1989, someone suggested that I visit Poland, my birthplace, where sixty members of my family were murdered.
“Fundraising for bribes?” objected Rabbi Baruch. “Surely the matter can be dealt with in a more elevated way. Could you not teach our Jews the ‘echad’ of my holy grandfather?”
Natalia Soral, a photography enthusiast and art history major, is passionate about discovering and preserving her city’s Jewish past.
Summer trip to Israel and Poland makes an indelible impression on its 80 participants
Summer may seem nearly over, but for the 80 teenagers—40 boys and 40 girls—who embarked on separate three-week travel experiences visiting the death camps of Poland and the more uplifting sights of Israel, it’s going to be on their minds for a very long t...
Jewish life in Poland. Rabbi Moshe Isserless. The Maharsha. Rabbi Shlomo Luria. Rabbi Joel Sirkes and Rabbi Meir of Lublin. Va'ad Arba Aratzos. Jewish economic activity. The shtetl. The Maharal of Prague. Other Torah centers.
Chief Rabbi of Warsaw, Rabbi Menachem Joskowicz, visits the Rebbe: “When Moshiach comes, the Fast of Teves will be transformed into a day of ‘gladness, rejoicing, and festivity.’ Obviously, then, the day itself already brings an extra measure of blessing....
Ben Helfgott's Story
Ben Helfgott, born in Lodz, Poland, 1929, is a Holocaust survivor and former champion weightlifter representing Great Britain in the Olympics. This is his personal story of survival and triumph. (Many viewers may find details described to be extremely dis...
The Pawel Bromson Story
Speaking for the very first time outside Poland, former neo-Nazi Pawel Bromson tells the amazing story of how he discovered that he was Jewish and returned to the faith of his ancestors.
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