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Tzimtzum: (lit. "contraction"); the process of Divine self-contraction and self-limitation which makes possible the concept of limited, worldly existence
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Finally, Rabbi Infinity gives away his key secret: How does he manage to teach the deepest Kabbalistic secrets of the universe to a four year old? It's all, you see, in the letter Lamed.
The chassidic concept of tzimtzum and its applications in our service of G-d
A discussion of the notion of reciprocal love to G-d as developed in Tanya, chapters 46-49, and the centrality of the non-literal interpretation of tzimtzum (“contraction”), as discussed in chapter 48. To create space for the other is not to absent yourse...
Kabbalistic Cosmology
A kabbalistic answer to the age-old philosophical question, "How can a finite creation come into existence from an infinite Creator?" A basic introduction to the esoteric doctrines of "tzimtzum" and "hishtalshelut."
Is the hole a part of the bagel, or just its absence? Rabbi Infinity explores this Kabbalistic question in depth when he attempts to explain to his four-year-old granddaughter why he’s so good at explaining things.
Deep Sea Diving
When you stay connected above, you never really fell below.
"But why do You hide?" I asked. "To make room for you," G-d replied.
In the Beginning G-d created the heavens and the earth. But in order to make room for a finite world, the Kabbalah teaches that G-d who is infinite, had to limit some of His own light.
What are the theological underpinnings of the Rebbe's forward-looking social vision? Rather than seeing the messianic redemption of the future as a return to the glory of the past, Chabad theology sees the future redemption as surpassing anything achieved...
“One should not take leave of his friend, except amid a discussion of a matter of Halacha, for by doing this he will remember him” (Talmud, Tractate Berachot 31a). This class reveals the inner meaning of this sage counsel, providing the ultimate answer to...
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