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Assiah; World of Action, The

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Assiah; World of Action, The: (lit. “deed”); in Kabbalistic terminology, this refers to the lowest of the four spiritual worlds, the final level in the creative process which includes the physical universe
We shall now examine in detail the different stages of the chain order of creation once Tzimtzum had created the vacuum within which finite creation could come about. In order to describe these stages and draw their comprehension closer to our understandi...
Evil forces are a result of our own doing
Prior to Creation, there was only the infinite revelation of G-d
Asiya, the world of Action, is really the ultimate purpose of Creation.
Kabbalah and Chassidism speak of four worlds. Where are they? Why haven’t they been discovered yet?
"Gate of Reincarnations": Chapter One, Section 6
Ascent is different in the world of Asiya because of the kelipot - Husks
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