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Yetzirah; World of Formation, The

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Yetzirah; World of Formation, The: (Kabbalistic term; lit. “formation”); the third of the four spiritual worlds, the realm of spiritual existence in which the limited nature of the created beings takes on form and definition; the abode of the lower classes of angelic beings and of the souls of ordinary Jews
Briah – darkness, Yetzirah – light
The ethereal nature of the primal “Yesh” of Briah renders it a world that is Bittul to Ohr, and thus, paradoxically, a world of “darkness”. The world of Yetzira, on the other hand, emerges as a world of reduced Ohr and more palpable Yesh and is thus perce...
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 13
The second section of prayer is called Pesukei D’zimra, or Verses of Song, primarily comprised of Psalms praising G-d in creation. We begin with the blessing of Baruch She’amar describing how G-d created the world through speech and the attribute of kings...
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