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Atzilut; World of Emanation, The

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Atzilut; World of Emanation, The: (lit. “emanation”); in Kabbalistic terminology, the highest of the four spiritual worlds, the realm of spiritual existence which, although encompassing attributes which have a specific definition, is in a state of infinity and at one with the Infinite Divine Light
Praying for My Autistic Son's Redemption
He looks okay, but he is not okay, and we, his parents, know and live with this every day. Like his ancestors in Egypt, our son is in a prison; his is a prison of the mind, perhaps the heart.
It's easy to feel like orphans to this cold universe--to the elements, the forces and empty space that shrug indifferently at the drama of being human...
We shall now examine in detail the different stages of the chain order of creation once Tzimtzum had created the vacuum within which finite creation could come about. In order to describe these stages and draw their comprehension closer to our understandi...
Prior to Creation, there was only the infinite revelation of G-d.
Prior to Creation, there was only the infinite revelation of G-d
The vessels are nullified to the light.
The vessels are nullified to the light.
One would think that this should be directed to an "Ask the Doctor" website, as opposed to "Ask the Rabbi"... But indeed, the Torah encompasses all subjects—and this is no exception. Our souls existed long before we were born. They lived in a pristine spi...
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