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On ben Peleth

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On ben Peleth: Originally a leader in Korah’s mutiny, his wife persuaded him to disaffiliate from the ill-fated cause, thus saving his life.
A Woman's Decision
On's wife did what any devoted better-half would do—she reassured him that she would take care of the situation. She then neutralized her husband (thank G‑d for the bottle!) as zero-hour approached...
How one man’s wife saved him from a dismal fate, and the lesson for us all.
The story of Korach and On ben Pelet emphasizes the woman's power to persuade. It also expresses another aspect of womanhood: her ability to see through false appearances and discover the path which is true and good
Inspiring Jewish Heroines
The important role women play in either building or destroying their homes, from the wives of Korach and On ben Pelet to stories of today’s women.
Wife of Ohn ben Peles
Sometimes a woman’s bold action can save her husband’s life, spiritually and physically. Such was the case with the wife of Ohn ben Peles.
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