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Mendel Kaplan

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Rabbi Mendel Kaplan is the Spiritual Leader and Executive Director of Chabad Flamingo in Thornhill, Ontario, serving one of Canada’s most dynamic Jewish communities. He also serves as Chaplain of the York Regional Police Service. He is an active member of Toronto’s Vaad HaRabbanim (Council of Orthodox Rabbis), and a voting member of the COR Kashruth Council of Canada’s executive rabbinical board. Rabbi Kaplan is featured regularly on many local television and radio shows. He is a sought after speaker, with hundreds of lectures on He and his wife, Faygie, are blessed with eight children. Artistically endowed, the rabbi enjoys drawing, sketching and creating charcoal portraits.

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The Haggadah in Depth, Part 37
The precise order of the Seder night’s formal rituals convey much about the mechanism of the holiday conventions. An interesting example of this is the fact that the Seder's telling part (Maggid) ends with a cup of wine, and the edible part begins with a ...
The Talmud on the Pesach Seder, Lesson 11
The modern Seder mandates of Matzah and Maror are the primary focus of this class about the edible component of the Passover Seder. Dinner notwithstanding, Passover night is vastly different than any other Jewish festival. Most will feature formal holiday...
The Haggadah in Depth, Part 36
This detailed analysis of the Seder night’s formal “Blessing of Redemption” that concludes the section of Maggid (telling the story of the Exodus) traces its origins, clarifies its basic meaning, and goes on to decode layers of its deeper messaging. You'l...
The Haggadah in Depth, Part 35
How in heaven does recalling earth’s topography of shaking like a “flock of sheep” serve to inspire and stimulate our spirituality, and what does it even mean?!
The Haggadah in Depth, Part 34
Hallel as Exodus narrative continued: Of foreign tongues and holy nations. The making of a divine dominion and the royal coffin that caused the sea to flee!
The Haggadah in Depth, Part 33
The Hallel as an Exodus narrative: beyond transcendence. How G-d uplifted the downtrodden, and granted offspring to the infertile, and why that is relevant for us!
The Haggadah in Depth, Part 32
The Hallel as found in the Haggadah: Explore how & why it's uniquely Jewish, yet labeled an Egyptian song of praise. Retreat of a Pharaoh and exchanging masters. Fresh definitions of slavery. Right to sing. A global perspective: sunrise to sunset.
The Talmud on the Pesach Seder, Lesson 10
A pithy Mishna cryptically speaks of the Passover Seder Dinner's conclusion, the Sages carefully analyze and elucidate. The result is a profound understanding of how (and why) the taste of the Korban Pesach meat or (in our exilic times) Matzah must linger...
The Talmud on the Megillah, Lesson 52
Our Sages make a point of carefully analyzing the specific language employed by the Scriptural narrative. When a King’s belligerent tough talk miraculously shifted into softly spoken sensitivity. Why the Queen’s presentation of a letter written in hate, l...
The Talmud on the Megillah, Lesson 51
The Megillah makes a point of listing the ten sons of Haman who were killed by the Jewish people and later hanged. Here we will discover that it’s far more than reportage of facts and figures. The Talmud speaks of unique Mitzvah methodology for reading th...
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