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Three Models for Living: Part 1
After the inspiration is gone, how do we keep ourselves motivated? The answer can be found in the first three portions of the Torah.
The small cruse of oil
Feeling enslaved by your busy schedule? Yearning for inspiration? The story of a small cruse of oil and a message on how to find greater meaning in your life.
Kabbalah Toons: Episode XVI
Keep your head in the sky…and feet firmly on the ground.
Growing Weekly: Parshat Behaalotecha
Growing Weekly: Parshat Mishpatim
The Torah’s advice on motivation and inspiration in our daily Jewish practice.
Three Models for Living: Part 2
The first two Torah portions (B'reishis and Noach) represent two opposite models for life. The first begins happily but ends in turmoil, the second begins with difficulty but ends with success. The difference highlights the importance of hard work.
Overcoming Emotional Numbness
Sometimes we cannot get inspired because our hearts are callous from past sins. Even if we have repented in the past, if we are about to ascend to a higher level of spiritual growth, we need to tap into a deeper level of repentance.
An Inspirational Talk
Insights and inspiration on how to find deeper meaning in our everyday existence.
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