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Land for "Peace"

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22 Kislev, 5751 • December 9, 1990
All of Israel belongs to the Jews. No one can give away the property of the entire Jewish people. Our enemies wish to do us harm, regardless of how Israel tries to appease them. Giving them land will not help the situation.
with Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau
Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former chief rabbi of Israel, delivers a passionate talk in solidarity of Israel.
Likud Party member Mr Abraham Sharir visits the Rebbe: “Israel must stand stong against all pressures to relinquish land. Our father Abraham was also called: “Eitan – the Steadfast One,” for he stood strong against all opposition. So too, when people see ...
26 Adar II, 5749 · April 2, 1989
The Mayor of Ariel, Israel visits the Rebbe: “Tell the people in Israel to publicize everywhere that all the rumors that Israel will give back land have no basis in reality. These rumors are the cause of intifada, for they give the message that there is s...
Talk Like a Jew
The nations of the world are watching and waiting: “When will Jews begin to say what they’re really thinking about the Land of Israel?” When a Jew starts talking diplomatic jargon, begging the nations to take more and more land, thinking that in this way ...
G‑d’s Roadmap
Code of Jewish Law, Laws of Shabbos, Chapter 329: If non-Jews besiege a Jewish border town—whether in the Holy Land or in the Diaspora—stating that they come only to pilfer straw, Jews are obligated to arm themselves for war, even on Shabbos, because such...
The Code of Jewish Law rules that if our enemies set out to besiege Jewish cities, then even if they come for a seemingly benign purpose such as “gathering straw and stubble,” they must be fought off, even at the cost of desecrating the Sabbath.
The Clear Ruling of Chapter 329
The Code of Jewish Law rules that if non-Jews mobilize to besiege a Jewish border town – even in the time of Exile, and even in the Diaspora – we are obligated take up arms, even on the Shabbat.
Our Right to the Land of Israel
Rashi states on Torah’s very first verse: “It could happen that gentiles will claim the Jews stole the Land of Israel from them. Therefore, G-d related His mighty works in the Book of Genesis to show that it was He Who created the Land of Israel and gave ...
The Lubavitcher Rebbe and Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir
A series of clips highlight the relationship between the Rebbe and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir.
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