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Shaliach (33)
Katia’s voice became choked with emotion as she continued, “I became very angry at Jews and at Judaism. I decided that it was not for me. ‘If Jews behave like this,’ I thought to myself, ‘it’s better for me to be among non-Jews.’”
As the hours passed, the students became frustrated, and some planned on closing the doors early. They began assessing the cause of the failure.
“The flame is not yours,” said the Rebbe, “you are just its carrier. The lamp is ready to be lit—you need only touch it with the flame.” “Should I grab him by the throat?” asked the chassid. “By the throat, no,” replied the rebbe. “By the lapels, yes.”
A special mission to inspire a Jew in the most isolated city in the world.
Professor Gershom Scholem offers a theory
Professor Scholem was curious to know what turned an educated young man towards tradition. David’s answer was straightforward: “I discovered the Book of Tanya. I found Chabad.”
Every year, Chabad emissaries stationed in 86 countries and 600 “Roving Rabbis” host seders all over the world. Check out the snapshots below, and challenge yourself to guess where they are.
So much personal attention the Rebbe gave to a small Jew in a small town in Sweden . . .
Life on the farm was hard. The community remained painfully small, and there were few if any other young chassidic families for miles around.
I had always felt like a fraud in a church, quite torn, but didn’t know how to begin to live life as a Jew. So I slogged along, well into middle age, not knowing where to begin.
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