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Dreams, Fantasy & Imagination

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A Kabbalistic understanding
“Lights . . . Camera . . . Action!” As the viewer sits mesmerized, his eyes glued to the screen, he is transferred from the reality of his own gray...
Optimism is contagious. We achieve the most when we pass on the tools of success to others. We must lead by example . . .
Our purple house
I find myself reflecting on life’s choices, and wondering if I got what I always wanted...
It’s difficult to comprehend that beyond being a freak show, cotton-candy castles, ninety-foot alligators and real-life cartoon characters could hold much purpose in a meaningful life. My stomach plunges as I think of American dreams built on the emptines...
I am in the front row of a theater, waiting for the play to begin. The lights are dimmed and I am awestruck by the spectacular decorations of the stage, creating a bright paradise in the midst of the darkness...
Vayeishev Parshah Report
What can we learn from dreams, and why shouldn’t we eat month-old food we find behind the fridge? Find out in this Oscar-worthy, three-minute long, Jewish puppet show.
I am happily married to a wonderful man, but for some reason I find myself sometimes thinking about other men, and people I dated before meeting my husband. I know I will never act out any of these thoughts, but I still feel terribly guilty...
The sages of the Talmud disagree on the point in Jewish history at which time the obligation to bring bikkurim (“first fruits”) came into effect. The Rebbe sees their debate as a lesson on the nature, uses and hindrances of knowledge and consciousness.
Where do dreams come from, and do they really mean anything? Are they G-d’s way of communicating with us or simply the result of our overactive imaginations?
It is not easy to understand how a world view that leads nowhere and ultimately explains nothing became so rooted in the human psyche
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