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Binah (Understanding; Analysis)

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Binah (Understanding; Analysis): (lit. "comprehension"); the second of the ten Sefirot, in Chassidic thought, the second stage of the intellectual process of Chab”ad, the power that develops abstract conception of chochmah, giving it breadth and depth
Expanding our understanding
The word bina is related to the word livnot, meaning "to build", for this is the essential quality of bina. The abstract, non-dimensional, incomprehensible point that represents chochma is expanded and built into a three-dimensional structure, sometimes c...
"How can this have happened? How can there be wisdom without compassion?"
"How can this have happened? How can there be wisdom without compassion?"
Rep. Joe Wilson's unscripted commentary prompted me to question the value of spontaneously speaking your mind, of saying what gurgles up into your consciousness...
Chabad is an acronym for chochmah, binah and daat, which are commonly translated as wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Learn the mystical meaning of these three intellectual soul powers.
Kabbalah teaches that there are upper and lower spiritual aspects of femininity.
Marriage is a pretty bizarre concept. It must have been G-d's idea. Who else could think of such a whacky plan like bringing together two opposites and putting them under one roof to share a life?
"Joe must be feeling pressured at work," Sara muses. "He's not saying anything because he doesn't want to worry me. Oh, I wish he would just talk about it!"
She'll ask about his day. He'll answer that it was good or bad. If he remembers to reciprocate, he'll soon be wondering when or if she'll ever finish her litany of endless, intricate and irrelevant details and get to the important parts
The beginning of every letter is a point, which is the letter yud
Meet the sefirot in their relation to the soul.
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