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Gevurah (Might; Restraint)

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Gevurah (Might; Restraint): (lit. “might”); the second of the seven Divine middot, or attributes, associated with the holding back of Divine revelation and restricting the dispersion of Divine light to lower levels of existence
Harmonizing kindness and strength.
Harmonizing kindness and strength.
The Attribute of Might and Strength (Gevurah)
If the previous week's trait of loving kindness enables us to say 'yes' to that which is good, then this week's trait of might and strength enables us to say 'no' to that which is not good.
Have you ever wondered why many of our body parts were created in pairs? Through the paradox of right and left, our vision is broadened, deepened.
Sefirat HaOmer, Part II
When we incorporate restraint into our lives (whether its origin is fear, awe, respect or opposition), we counterintuitively open another realm of possibility, and actually enhance our loving connections . . .
Kabbalah, psychology, and the real issue behind "gun control vs. people control"
I saw the craziest thing in the Code of Jewish Law. It tells you how to tie your shoes!
Meet the sefirot in their relation to the soul.
Meet the sefirot in their relation to the soul.
Each of the three forefathers typified something unique, a particular “brand” that was thereafter permanently imprinted into the Jewish DNA.
And why will it change when Moshiach comes?
Iif one of the fundamentals of the Jewish faith is that the Torah does not change, then how can we say that the halachah will change?
Seven Modes of Being: A Sefirat HaOmer Series
You’ll never know yourself until you have held yourself back.
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