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Chesed (Benevolence; Love)

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Chesed (Benevolence; Love): (lit. "kindness or grace"); used to refer to the Divine attribute (sefira) which parallels the abovementioned human qualities and thus is associated with the dispersion of G-dly light and energy to lower levels of existence.
The Worship of Love
Americans are a society of people who "love to love." But is love itself a value?
The Attribute of Loving Kindness (Chesed)
A general introduction to the concept of Counting the Omer as a process of self-refinement and a look at the attribute of loving kindness as the first of the seven emotional traits.
Seven Modes of Being: A Sefirat HaOmer Series
There is a deep pleasure in giving, deeper than any pleasure you could receive.
The Reward for Abraham’s Humility
When Abraham entreats G-d to spare Sodom and Gomorrah, he prefaces his request with the acknowledgment that he is but dust and ashes. In reward for his humility, two unique mitzvahs are granted by G-d to his descendants, the Children of Israel. This class...
Seven Sabbaticals of Life: Lesson 1
The three Sefirot of Chessed, Gevurah and Tiferet represent three phases of a person's existence: 1) before the soul's embodiment, 2) during the soul's life in the body, and 3) the afterlife of the soul following physical embodiment.
Compassion is the easy path to feel love (Ch. 45)
We can love and we can fear. And we can feel compassion. A homeless man teaches us compassion for our own soul.
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