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Chesed (Benevolence; Love)

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Chesed (Benevolence; Love): (lit. "kindness or grace"); used to refer to the Divine attribute (sefira) which parallels the abovementioned human qualities and thus is associated with the dispersion of G-dly light and energy to lower levels of existence.
Harmonizing kindness and strength.
Harmonizing kindness and strength.
The Worship of Love
Americans are a society of people who "love to love." But is love itself a value?
I settled my mother in at the center, and returned to my hosts’ home in time for the holiday. As I blessed the candles, a wave of gratitude enveloped me...
The Attribute of Loving Kindness (Chesed)
A general introduction to the concept of Counting the Omer as a process of self-refinement and a look at the attribute of loving kindness as the first of the seven emotional traits.
Have you ever wondered why many of our body parts were created in pairs? Through the paradox of right and left, our vision is broadened, deepened.
Sefirat HaOmer, Part I
We complain about not having the time or headspace to really tackle what matters most. But that’s a ruse. Deep down, avoiding our key tasks cuts us the psychic slack of being able to tell ourselves that we haven’t yet undertaken the mission, so there’s st...
Today New York City hosts its annual marathon. I saw an interesting article by Juliet Macur in the Sports Section of the October 23 edition of The New York Times. The article – "Plodders Have a Place, but Is It in a Marathon?" – addressed the "straggler" ...
Kabbalah, psychology, and the real issue behind "gun control vs. people control"
I saw the craziest thing in the Code of Jewish Law. It tells you how to tie your shoes!
Meet the sefirot in their relation to the soul.
Meet the sefirot in their relation to the soul.
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