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G-d: [It is customary to insert a dash in G-d's name when written or printed on a medium that could be defaced. See also “Why Don't You Spell Out G-d's Name?”]
What are the traditional Jewish beliefs about G-d?
Nothing has to be. Existence has a deliberate cause. We call that G-d. But what is G-d? What is it that causes all things to be? What Do Jews Mean When They Say G-d? The Problem of Definition The philosopher will likely explain that G‑d is absolute existe...
How G‑d got lost in translation
The other day I realized that I hadn't seen G-d in quite a while -- probably not since childhood... Where did I misplace Him?
Jewish Theology, Lesson 1
Who or what is G‑d? How do we define the undefinable? Is there an intelligent way to speak of G‑d? If so, what is it? First in a six-part course on core Jewish beliefs.
Where do you hide when you’re everywhere?
He’s in the heavens, and He’s here on earth. He’s in the ethereal world of the philosopher, and He’s in the pragmatic world of the trucker speeding down Interstate 86. He’s in the putrid world of the worker digging out the city sewers down the street, and...
Perhaps atheists and believers have more in common than they imagine.
I’ve got this friend Jack, and one day he asked me if I really pray. “It happens sometimes,” I said. “How about you?” “I don’t believe in G‑d,” Jack replied. “I’m an atheist. But I pray sometimes. Lately, more often.” My mind went through a thousand comeb...
For that matter, where are we?
A father and son have a candid conversation about the important things in life.
Just how dangerous can the G‑d idea get?
If G‑d is not to be a dangerous idea, G‑d must be good. But that would seem to be a small G‑d, a defined G‑d, limited by the parameters of goodness. How can we believe in a G‑d that contains all of existence and yet believe that His goodness is real and a...
The Theology of Needing and Being Needed
Does G-d love us or does He need us? Does He care whether or not we do mitzvot? Is being vulnerable a weakness? Rabbi Friedman tackles these questions and more as he describes the Jewish view of an omnipotent G-d who asks us to serve Him.
We know that G‑d is the most perfect Being, and that everything exists solely because of Him. So could He make any mistakes?
Philosophy in Maimonides' Legal Code
Although Maimonides' Mishneh Torah is a codification of Jewish law (halacha), we find places in this work where Maimonides addresses philosophical or theological ideas as well. Textual analysis of Maimonides' Hilchos Yesodei HaTorah (Laws [which are] the ...
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