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Honoring Parents

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No matter how much respect we give our parents, we can never repay them for their part in bringing us into this world . . .
I am disgusted by the things my mother has done. She is old now and needs me, but there is nothing in her life that deserves respect. How can I respect her without losing my dignity?
The basis for the commandment to honor our parents might be seen as rational and reasonable, since it would only seem right to acknowledge all that our parents gave us.
Honoring my parents
I have written before about not judging others for doing more or less than me. The words may have sounded good at the time, but now I realize that I hadn’t really internalized them...
Filial Responsibility, Lesson 1
An in-depth analysis of the commandment to honor one's parents. To what extent must one go? What if a parent instructs one to break a law?
The Fifth Commandment
"Honor your father and mother, so that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your G-d gives you."
Parshah Nuggets: Vayechi
Even after being reunited with his father, Joseph avoided spending very much time with him. Why? Because of the one question that Joseph feared his father would ask him.
Most of us today are looking for ways to live longer—whether with vitamins, special diets or other means. In this week’s portion, the Torah gives a simple tip for longevity: “Honor your father and your mother, that you may long endure on the land the L‑rd...
Jewish Ethics: Lesson 3
To what extent are we obligated to honor our parents? What are the exceptions or extenuating circumstances that relieve us from this obligation?
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