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Oneness of G-d

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Contemporary, spiritually seeking Jews are often drawn to Hinduism and Buddhism, attracted by teachings that espouse oneness and transcendence. This class explores the origins and differences between Judaism and Eastern faiths. The results are revelations...
The philosophy of G-d’s oneness (Tanya Ch. 20-21)
Having mastered the building blocks of the alefbet--the vav and the yud--Miri discovers the secret of letter number one: The Alef. It's the secret of making one out of many.
Three layers of meaning in “G-d is one”
A deeper look at the meaning of Judaism's ultimate declaration of faith “Hear O’ Israel…G-d is one”. Chassidus unlocks three levels and layers of meaning in the phrase ‘G-d is one’, which evokes the four-letter name of G-d ‘HaVaYaH’ (Tetragrammaton) (Base...
Optical illusions and the unity of G-d
Do you see a woman's face or a man playing saxophone? In life, as in optical illusions, the shadows may actually be the picture itself...Learn the greatest treasure bequeathed to us—a profound idea on the oneness of G-d, which is the key to attain true jo...
The Divine Perspective
Learn this text of Tanya and you will begin to see our world very differently, through a deeper and more empowering G-dly perspective.
For that matter, where are we?
A father and son have a candid conversation about the important things in life.
In this class you will study the Chassidic elucidation of the grammatical choice of the word echad ("one") in the Shema, in contrast to yachid ("singular"), and the significant implication of this to G‑d's relationship with creation.
A New Course from on the True Nature of the Unity of G-d
Are we a contradiction to G-d's omnipresence? Can our world and G-d coesxit?
Farbreng, Episode 23
Upon concluding the study of Mishneh Torah, Maimonides’ code of Jewish law, we immediately start again from the very beginning, which implies a strong connection between the two bookends. (From “Messages”—Season 2, Episode 23)
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