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Maturity (11)
Yes, they were teenagers, but it wasn't the bling or hi-tech atmosphere that attracted them. This group of teens gathered together for one purpose: to celebrate children with special needs and learn to share the message with others.
"Being Jewish stinks!" Zach shouted as he stomped up the stairs to his bedroom, kicking his bedroom door closed for punctuation.
I sat and waited. I hoped that you wouldn’t ignore my absence. I hoped that you wouldn’t be afraid of me—your daughter, your own flesh and blood, your baby who only sixteen years ago emerged from your womb.
A Camp that Inspires Giving
Hodaya, my sixteen-year-old, walked in last night, past midnight, after the first day of camp. She was so exhausted she could hardly speak. But she told me the name of her camper and she said to me, "Ima, this work is a lesson for life..."
Dr. Laz – Jewish Renaissance Man
Dr. Laz's unique healing formula is not available in pharmacies, but it is highly effective in uplifting the spirit of others, including at-risk youth on the periphery. The CURE in four simple words stands for: Communication, Understanding, Respect and Ed...
You've begun to accept the status quo, the easy path—the one with less resistance. You have stopped tackling new undertakings. You've just entered into your complacent adulthood...
I hear the muffled volley of voices. First, the high pitched, tiny voice of my little girl; her pleading tone rings out clearly. Then the staccato angry bursts of my teenaged daughter's refusal...
"Mom? We're at the store, and you wrote down 'eggs.' But did you want regular, extra large, jumbo, organic, fertile, or free-range?"
Question: What can I say to my teenage son whose girlfriend is not Jewish? Would love some guidance but trying not to alienate him too. Answer: It's a delicate balance. He needs to see your disapproval. On the other hand, there's the teenage impulse to re...
My daughter and I have always been extremely close. However, now that she is 17 she has been trying to distance herself from me. Why is she pushing me out of her life?
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