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Exodus, The

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Is there an ideal velocity for kicking a bad habit? When the Israelites left Egypt, they did so "in a rush" (behipazon). While the soul could take its own good time in detaching itself from an addictive situation, the body is not so patient.
The Twelve Steps: Lesson 3, "Bechol Dor"
The third passage is “In every generation one must look upon himself as if he personally had gone out of Egypt.” This enigmatic quote from the Talmud is about observing the Passover Seder and seems to be a far cry from an overarching principle of Judaism....
The Torah does not tell us the exact times when many important events occurred. Nevertheless, we are told that Pharoah commanded the Jews to leave Egypt exactly at midnight on the 15th of Nissan. Further, the Torah narrates the exact moment they actually ...
Must a prophecy come true? Can G-d retract a promise? Exploring Maimonides' Mishneh Torah in manuscript.
Parsha Curiosities: Bo
In the Biblical narrative of the 10th plague; the silence of the dogs seems deafening. Why does the Torah lavish so much attention to muzzled barking at a time of widespread death and devastation? During the course of this investigation, we reveal the uni...
Something Spiritual on Parshat Massei
The mystical dimension of the Exodus process
A deeper understanding of why we have three matzos on the Seder plate and drink four cups of wine. Discover how the spiritual dimensions of the Exodus reflect the difference between men and women in light of Chassidus. (Based on Lukutei Sichos vol. 26, Pa...
The Haggadah in Depth, Part 13
The Haggadah continues to analyze Scripture’s strange synopsis of our Egyptian Exodus as recounted in Deuteronomy. This class presents a profound understanding of the Haggadah’s narrative as we discover how the entire redemptive schematic is incorporated ...
The Haggadah in Depth, Part 12
This class explores the cryptic section of the Haggadah that places great emphasis on G-d “Himself” taking us out of Egypt. You’ll discover why it was so important to remove the participation of any mediums from the actual redemption process, and garner n...
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