Bittul (Self Abnegation; Selflessness)

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Bittul (Self Abnegation; Selflessness): (lit. "self-nullification"); a commitment to G-d and divine service that transcends self-concern
Somehow, the very earth we touch must become acutely aware of its absolute nothingness while remaining a complete something. And you and I are given the responsibility to accomplish that.
Traditionally the mystical quest has focused on ascent from the world and supernal union (Devekut) with G-d. In Chabad, however, the focus is shifted to the attainment of self-effacement (Bittul).
The truly humble person is not one who feels worthless or inferior. True smallness is what happens when a person stops thinking, “What will be with me?” and instead thinks, “What is needed of me right now?”
—How the ego conflicts with true joy
We may be somewhat surprised to discover that not only is there no conflict between the two, but in truth happiness and humility make a marvelous pair.
Only a nobody can be anybody. That's what makes the poor letter Resh so beautiful. It all goes back to that Kabbalistic principle: The lower you fall, the higher you are.
G‑d is saying: "Let's get one thing straight from the beginning: I am. The stars and the planets, the animals and the green trees and even humanity exist only because I am, and to serve My 'I am.' If you follow these Ten Commandments, you will join me in ...
Who defied Pharaoh's decree and risked their lives to carry, give birth to and nurse these children? Now that the children are to be counted, the mothers are no longer noteworthy?
The Jewish view of royalty
It’s not that I support this sneaker-clad, pink-sweatshirt-sporting, exuberant young girl in a despotic vision of absolute control. And it’s not only that I am thinking: Yes, reach for the stars, dream big. It’s just that her claim is simply true . . .
Humility and self-abnegation are the foundation and beginning of the service of G-d. We cannot begin to be transcend our limitations until we first let go of the prideful illusion of self-sufficiency.
G-d, I did all that was humanly possible to create the perfect receptacle for your blessing, now I will step aside and let You do the speaking, I will let You do the singing, I will let You give the presentation.
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