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Bittul (Selflessness)

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Bittul (Selflessness): (lit. "self-nullification"); a commitment to G-d and divine service that transcends self-concern
Somehow, the very earth we touch must become acutely aware of its absolute nothingness while remaining a complete something. And you and I are given the responsibility to accomplish that.
To Be and Not To Be
The New Nothing New ways of thinking require new sets of words. For most thinkers. Here’s an exception: Every chapter of R. Schneur Zalman’s classic work known as Tanya provides a distinctly new way of thinking about life, purpose, and the world about us....
Pinchas' deed evokes many associations -- courage, decisiveness and religious passion are several that come to mind -- but peace hardly seems one of them. Pinchas, after all, killed two people. So why does the Torah describe him as a man of peace? To unde...
On whose initiative were the spies sent? The way the story is told in Numbers 13, it was by divine command. But when Moses recounts these events 40 years later, he tells the people of Israel that it was their idea. The contradiction describes a watershed ...
Traditionally the mystical quest has focused on ascent from the world and supernal union (Devekut) with G-d. In Chabad, however, the focus is shifted to the attainment of self-effacement (Bittul).
Humility is not feeling worthless or inferior. It's when you stop thinking, “What will be with me?” and instead think, “What am I needed for?” And now there is space for joy to enter. Because if G-d put you here, there must be someone or something that de...
—How the ego conflicts with true joy
We may be somewhat surprised to discover that not only is there no conflict between the two, but in truth happiness and humility make a marvelous pair.
Only a nobody can be anybody. That's what makes the poor letter Resh so beautiful. It all goes back to that Kabbalistic principle: The lower you fall, the higher you are.
G‑d is saying: "Let's get one thing straight from the beginning: I am. The stars and the planets, the animals and the green trees and even humanity exist only because I am, and to serve My 'I am.' If you follow these Ten Commandments, you will join me in ...
Who defied Pharaoh's decree and risked their lives to carry, give birth to and nurse these children? Now that the children are to be counted, the mothers are no longer noteworthy?
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