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Baal Teshuvah, The

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Baal Teshuvah, The: (lit. “master of return”); a person who turns to G d in repentance, after willful or unknowing transgression of the Torah’s commandments; a Jew of secular or not fully observant background who has decided to undertake full Torah observance
The harder your roots have to work to get to the water, the more intense will be the taste of your wine.
Kraziness has its drawbacks--or rather, drawdowns, like the letter kuf that reaches below the line. But kraziness can also reach very high. Find out how as this week's KabbalaToon episode explores the monkey-letter, kuf.
I gave him the list. Two pages long. Everything from, "How do I know the Torah is from G‑d and that it's true?" to "Why did G‑d create scorpions and mosquitoes?"
Where Up is Down and Black is White
I live in the Bizarro World. Bizarro World is a parallel universe in Superman's world where everything is the opposite. Up is down. Black is white. Right is wrong.
They were not born supermen and superwomen. They were born regular people. They are regular people. But they are capable of remarkable things. How? Because they have a sense of purpose and mission, and the knowledge to act on it...
Reflections on Gimmel Tammuz
I had never seen the Rebbe before. How was it possible he knew I was there? And why would he have looked at me? I started to wonder if maybe it was wishful thinking, but from the looks of all those around me, it was pretty clear that they had seen it too....
By Yehoshua Engelson
Artist's Statement: This is a person in the process of teshuva—returning to Torah Judaism—with all of his might, using the very things which held him down, as stepping stones to propel forward into the redemptive world that he creates in the process.
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