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Passover Offering, The

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Why is this passage, which was said “on the first month” (9:1), recorded after Parshas Bamidbar, which was said “on the first day of the second month” (1:1)?
More than 2,000 ago, the 14th of Nissan—the day on which we are commanded to bring the Passover offering—happened to fall out on Shabbat. The leaders of the Jewish people at the time, the Sons of Betayra, could not decide whether or not the offering shoul...
A group of Jews had found themselves in a state which, by divine decree, absolved them from the duty to bring the Passover offering. Yet they refused to reconcile themselves to this.
When a person’s contact with death evokes in him a striving for life he would never have mustered without that experience, then the contact with death is transformed into a more intense involvement with life.
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