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The Mitzvah of Gemilut Chassadim
Acts of charity and loving-kindness are central to the Torah way of life. This booklet explores the importance and the ramifications of chesed in the entire sphere of social obligations and human relationships.
May the Lord bless their substance, and may the work of their hand be acceptable, that they may be accepted before the Lord at all times. So may the Lord give and do so yet further to encourage them amongst the valiant. And he that is noble should ever pe...
It is known that our sages, of blessed memory, said : "Whoever is accustomed to come to the Synagogue, and one day did not come, the Holy One, blessed is He, makes inquiry about him; for it is said 'who among you fears the Lord....'" The same ap...
Tzedakah and the Month of Elul The commandmentSee Rambam, Sefer HaMitzvos , positive command 195; Chinuch , Mitzvah 478, 479. to give tzedakah (charity) is included in the Torah portion of Re’eh, where the verse states:Devarim 15:7ff. “Should there be amo...
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