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How to give, how much to give, and the uniquely Jewish perspective on charity
Learn the Torah view on giving tzedakah with a site full of stories, how-to guides, questions & answers, audio classes, videos, essays, texts, and much more.
How to give, how to receive, what it means, what it does, the cosmic significance, a dialog with the moon, and ramblings on stress and love...
Tzedakah—Lesson 1
The Meaning of the Word “Tzedaka”
Three Hebrew letters contain an encoded message explaining how tzedakah is really not charity but justice.
The Jewish concept of charity
This series gives a comprehensive overview of the mitzvah of giving charity.
Give Life. Get Life
Now, on orders from the Big Boss, Heaven Disincorporated offers you the opportunity to partner in this cosmic venture of giving life. For every penny you give to sustain a life in your microworld, Heaven Disincorporated pledges to zap your macroworld with...
Banking has always been a Jewish profession, and in truth, every Jew is a banker. I may have money in my pocket, but it was merely deposited with me . . .
Tests revealed that participants were wrong about the impact of money on happiness. A significant majority thought that personal spending would make them happier than pro-social spending...
Why give, who to give to, how much to give?
My Thoughts on Charity (part 1)
Something Spiritual on Parshat Re'eh
Give and Get (Rich)
Question: I am troubled by the fund raising that goes on this time of year in the Jewish world. I always imagined that these "Days of Awe" between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are days for soul searching and spiritual yearning. It all seems soiled by the c...
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