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Giver and Recipient

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Simply put, the Government can get away with things that would ruin the average citizen...
Opening the Door to Happiness and Serenity
Though it may appear that love engenders a giving attitude, actually, giving is what brings about love. A person comes to love the one to whom he gives...
"It is so hard to have a bully in my class," my son tells me. His expression is so sad; but I am even more saddened that at the young age of ten, he has already come to accept bullying as an unchangeable fact of life.
Co-workers have been asking me why I'm staying silent on these major catastrophes. The truth is that I have nothing to say about these events per se...
This is not a holiday of splurging and materialism, but one of teaching our children how fortunate we have been, and how to help those less fortunate than ourselves...
I'll never forget that guy. There we were, selling lemonade on the side of the road. Twenty-five cents a piece. We had already made a few bucks for a few hours work. Not too shabby. But that guy—well, he just changed everything.
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