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Giver and Recipient

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Forty-Five Years Later
The kind deed he had done was able to reach him forty-five years later, and breathe a renewed enthusiasm in him to enjoy his activities of daily living . . .
Do these people deserve my money? Since when does cash drift gently from leafy poplars? Even my pastry was a momentary weakness. As these uncharitable thoughts flash through my system, I suddenly recall my mallards . . .
Trees, like man, can be 'givers' or 'receivers' or both.
Trees, like man, can be 'givers' or 'receivers' or both
My Brother Josh
I spent twenty years of my life wishing he were “normal.” Imagining. Yearning. Wondering about ordinary things like—what would he be like? What would he look like? Would we get along, and what would we have in common?
If G‑d wants us to "perform the true service simply because it is true," why does He distract us with promises of recompense? Is it a proper to give someone an incentive if it's essentially not in his or her best interest?
"Everyone is obligated to give charity. Even people supported by charity must contribute from what they receive." A law that seems radical on the one hand, and absurd on the other...
I felt completely inadequate. Me? Help the Jewish people? When I didn't even identify as a Jew?
G‑d started off perfect and hasn't changed since; we're the ones who need to shape up. We're the people who should be setting off on the great journey that starts on earth and ends at Sinai. Why should we expect G‑d to come down to us?
He proceeded to the end of the hall and knocked on the bedroom door. He heard the whimpering of a dog inside. The rabbi took a deep breath and turned the doorknob...
It's not the money or the renown that bring contentment. People want to affect others, to influence them, and just to make their lives a little easier...
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