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Giver and Recipient

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Sarah’s Courage: Lesson 5
It’s one thing to give altruistically, but is it possible to take altruistically? An interesting take on the story of Sarah’s handmaid, Hagar.
Are my children so wrong to ask? Maybe it’s me who is wrong by becoming angry that they ask so much? Am I teaching my child that’s it’s not okay to want, that’s it’s not acceptable to ask? Is that the message that I want to give to them?
Giving is the easy part; it's receiving that's so difficult
Half the world are givers, and half the world are takers. The interesting thing about this division is that the half you belong to has little or nothing to do with how much you actually have
Trees, like man, can be 'givers' or 'receivers' or both.
Trees, like man, can be 'givers' or 'receivers' or both
Commerce and the need for needing one another
It turns out that the greatest need of all is not to be needed, but to need others.
The mystical art of intimacy
"The Majestic Bride" is a breathtaking exploration of Kabbalistic wisdom on men, women, and relationships. It examines the mystical energies of love, relationships, masculinity, femininity, intimacy, and giving and receiving. Learn the deepest secrets of ...
he knocking persisted. I took the baby out of his bath, wrapping him in a towel, and made my way to the front door. “Who is it?” I looked in the peephole and saw an eleven-year-old from the neighborhood . . .
A Yom Kippur Lesson
Here is where things are really upside down. We have this false illusion that when someone gives money to someone else, the giver is the big hero, the generous one, the amazing one. And that poor, pathetic receiver . . . should just be grateful that someo...
Simply put, the Government can get away with things that would ruin the average citizen...
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