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Nature & the Miraculous

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We awake with the belief that justice and goodness will prevail, despite the news that bombards us with overwhelming misery, hopelessness, despair and unfairness. Take a look in the mirror and see that miracle...
While perusing the various news stories covering this monumental mess, three words keep on appearing: "Act of G‑d." Now, I ask, what do you think G‑d thinks of this expression?
The Captain comes banging on the door: "Now is not the time to sleep! You have no right to remain indifferent when a storm is raging about..."
Co-workers have been asking me why I'm staying silent on these major catastrophes. The truth is that I have nothing to say about these events per se...
Artist’s Statement: This drawing is a tribute to nature. The rabbi walks with his students between the trees in Israel and tells his students to respect them, and not to pluck a leaf without thinking.
Artist’s Statement: I believe G-d shows Himself in all nature. Who but G-d could paint the most beautiful abstract skies night after night, each one slightly different from all the previous nights. And so it is with trees. Each one is created unique. My g...
Artist’s Statement: It’s amazing how well scientists have answered questions about our environment and, essentially, “ordered” the chaos of nature into science. But the flaw of indefiniteness is present in scientific theories, which is okay because of the...
First a quake, now a hurricane . . .
Question: What's going on? First we had an earthquake that shook much of the East Coast, and now we have a hurricane coming our way. Earthquakes belong in the Pacific, and hurricanes belong in the Caribbean! Is this the beginning of the apocalypse? Respon...
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