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Matzah: unleavened bread eaten on Passover
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In 1948, almost nobody in L.A. knew about shmurah matzah; now everybody wants it
Second in a two-part series about about the dramatic growth in the use of handmade shmurah matzah in the last 60 years. It’s safe to say that when the pious-looking Rabbi Shmuel Dovid Raichik came to Los Angeles in 1948, there weren’t many people there wh...
Traditional shmurah matzah was still a rarity in post-World War II New York
First in a two-part series about the dramatic growth in the use of handmade shmurah matzah in the last 60 years. There’s nothing more pleasant on a cold New York winter’s day than the smell of freshly baking matzah wafting up the street. Outside the Lubav...
A shmurah matzah route stretches from New England all the way to the White House
LONGMEADOW, Mass.—The modest Colonial’s garage doors roll up to reveal hundreds of pounds of handmade shmurah matzah stacked up in cardboard boxes. Rabbi Noach Kosofsky and his son, Rabbi Lavy Kosofsky, haul down a few of the bigger ones and transfer thei...
For many, shmurah matzah has become the harbinger of the holiday.
Rabbi Nechemia Vogel has been teaching children and adults alike about the intricacies of matzah baking for 26 years.
Students at the University of New South Wales in Australia enjoyed a model matzah bakery days before the onset of Passover.
The Jewish Children’s Museum and the Aleph Institute partnered for the project, dubbed Operation: Message in a Matzah. It will kick off on Wednesday, when 500 children will learn about and bake their own matzah at the Brooklyn, N.Y., museum. They will als...
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