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Matzah: unleavened bread eaten on Passover
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It's no accident that matzah tastes so bland, find out what its lack of flavor really represents.
Experiencing Passover means to be a changed person after it's over. This year let's add a third dimension to our Passover for a true spiritual experience.
Eating matzah, a central tradition of Pesach, is one of the first mitzvot performed by our forefathers as a nation. Learn what Jewish mysticism has to say about its spiritual significance.
A deeper look at the difference between Chametz and Matzah, in Hebrew it is the simple letter change from ‘Hey’ to ‘Ches’. And the laws of how to rid of Chometz.
Faith does not direct one's behavior even while it inspires one to great heights; proper behavior without faith is lacking as well. Matzah teaches us how to combine faith with everyday life.
The Rich Matzah and Poor Matzah that the Jews ate when leaving Egypt, and its implication and lesson to us.
It is the oldest interactive, multi-sensory experience in the world, the Passover Seder is more than just a story, it’s a complex tool for self-growth.
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