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Operation Iraqi Freedom

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While it took exactly seven weeks to transform a downtrodden nation of slaves to a G‑d-fearing nation, Iraq and Afghanistan are struggling mightily with nation building. What did G‑d know that Presidents Bush and Obama, and Prime Ministers Blair and Brown...
While I was deployed to Iraq, a lone Jewish Marine Corps Officer among hundreds of Iraqi soldiers in a remote region of the Syrian border, I had to live with keeping my religious identity to myself. I couldn't even have "Jewish" on my dog-tags
We've had Nostradamus up to our noses, Bible Codes out of our ears, and every brand of pundit and prophet. Is there anyone out there with some bona fide inside information that'll help me sleep better at night?
The ironic side of the “Iraq Debate” is that it actually demonstrates how much we do agree on basic principles...
"Wow! He's a hero!" I guess. "You mean he actually can shoot a gun?" I'd hope so! "Did he kill anyone?" I'm not about to ask but I suppose he did. "Is he a general?" No, he's a corporal. "Does he wear a dog tag? What are they for anyhow?" Um...
Among evil dictators, Saddam stands unique in his preoccupation with his own power and glory. Is it far fetched to assume that he actually was the last manifestation of Nebuchadnezzar?
If we are honest with ourselves we would have to admit that laser-guided missiles and Abrams tanks are more lethal killing machines than a masked man with a butcher knife. So what is it about these anachronistic beheadings that offends us so much?
I guess when something is truly right for you, no matter how impractical or out of the ordinary it may seem, you find yourself doing what you are meant to do...
The church has recently announced that "G-d is against war, always." The Belgians are the planet's guardians of human rights, and France has decided that Americans have no business crossing oceans to fight other people's wars
"But why did they have to kill each other?" I asked in 3rd grade history class. "Why did they have to go to war? If everyone knew what would happen, why couldn't they all just stay alive?"
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