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Mezuzah: (lit. doorpost); parchment scroll affixed to the doorposts of a Jewish home or business, containing portions of the Shema.
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The Jewish security system
What is a mezuzah and what is its significance in the Jewish home? A full guide exploring the meaning of mezuzah, its laws, and how to affix one in your own home
It’s not a Jewish doorbell. It’s a home security device called a mezuzah. The software inside this gadget is a scroll with the words beginning, “Hear O Israel, the L‑rd is our G‑d; the L‑rd is one” . . .
Learn the basics of this special mitzvah: showing what’s inside, where to place it, how to do it, and its extraordinary impact.
Amazing nano-technology from Heaven Disincorporated connects every room of your house with the highest level of home security, protecting you and your family wherever you may be.
The whats, whys, and hows of mezuzah
Mezuzah scrolls are rolled up and affixed to the doorposts of Jewish homes, reminding those who live there of their connection to G‑d and their heritage.
And why are they there in the first place?
When moving into a new home, it is not uncommon to find some mezuzot already affixed to a doorpost from an earlier occupant. Before discussing what to do with them, let’s first address why they were left there in the first place. Why We Leave the Mezuzot ...
A fascinating Shazak clip where the mitzvah of mezuzah come alive! Geared for kids... Great for adults!
1. The Word Mezuzah Literally Means “Doorpost” In Biblical Hebrew, the word mezuzah means doorpost. See, for example, Exodus 12:7. The verse instructing us to write a mezuzah reads, “You shall write [these words] upon the mezuzot—doorposts—of your house a...
A glimpse into the work of an expert scribe writing a mezuzah.
Learn about the mitzvah of having a mezuzah affixed to the doors of one’s home, which provides protection and security for its inhabitants.
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