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Kfar Chabad

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The Chabad-Lubavitch village in Israel, Kfar Chabad, was founded by the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, on Iyar 21 of 1949. The first settlers were mostly recent immigrants from the Soviet Union, survivors of the terrors of Worl...
For a while, it seemed that all was lost... then came a leader's bold response to the crippling tragedy
Editor's note: In light of the recent tragedy which struck the Chabad-Lubavitch community, we find the following account, penned more than fifty years ago, particularly poignant--and most relevant
Resort town of Neve Chabad to bring Chassidic life to the Negev
Fourteen young Chabad-Lubavitch families have a dream. It’s not one of fame or fortune, but rather of a place tucked away in Israel’s Southern Negev Desert. Their dream is to bring Chassidic wisdom to life in a place called Neve Chabad. “My husband and I ...
Six decades later, recalling a time of hazard and hope
It was a moonless night: April 11, 1956, Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of the new month of Iyar on the Jewish lunar calendar. Seventeen-year-old Leibel Alevsky, a Russian-born yeshivah student living in Jerusalem, clung to the bed of a small truck as it rum...
The backroom of a Brooklyn landmark building served as the global hub for Jewish connectivity
This is the story of how a handful of young Chassidim set out to build a global communications network in the era before Periscope, Skype, VoIP, or even satellite or Cable TV. Their actions would sow the seeds for dozens of future Chabad-led forays into d...
It's not everyday that a funeral for an elderly Chassid will stop at a barn on its way to the cemetery.
Refugees Choose Dormitory Life Over Rockets, Imposition
Thousands of families, couples, and singles from Israel's north have left to stay with family or friends farther south. More than 400 residents of Safed have found their way to Kfar Chabad.
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