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Itkafia (conquest)

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Itkafia (conquest): (lit. “bending back”) the Divine service of subjugating and subordinating the material nature of the body and the animal soul
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Rabbi Infinity provides Miri the ultimate Kabbalistic lesson in Feivel control--and the transformation of darkness to light.
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Two fundamentals in the service of G-d discussed extensively in chassidus are the concepts of Is’kafya (suppression) and Is’hapcha (transformation). Discover their respective qualities and specifically the case for Iskafya.
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One sunny morning found quite a large group of chassidim gathered outside Lubavitch World Headquarters. There were more than the usual few spectators on that day, for word had spread that the Rebbe would for the first time be using a new stretch Cadillac ...
Another fundamental Torah principle is the curtailment of self-gratification in permissible matters, and certainly in forbidden ones. From this [abstention] we can anticipate two extraordinary results: Firstly, excessive physical pleasure coarsens a perso...
"It seems," the horses surmised, "that we are not men after all, but angels, who do not partake of earthly food at all"
With a final leap and twist, Reb Shmuel Munkes dumped the roasted lung into the spittoon, and broke out in a merry kazatzka dance.
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Rabbi Chaim Moshe Bergstein serves as the director of Chabad of Farmington Hills, Michigan. As a student in Yeshiva in Israel, he internalized the lessons of his rabbis in Yeshiva about refraining from materialism and physical desires. But he couldn’t rec...
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