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Fruit & Fruit Products

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I drew this before Rosh Hashanah, inspired by a beautiful rimon (pomegranate) growing on a tree in Jerusalem, representing the vibrancy and excitement of re-connecting with G-d in anticipation of the High Holidays.
Artist’s Statement: I dedicate this painting to single mothers. ”Your children will be like olive plants around your table.” (Psalms 128)
Artist’s Statement: Pomegranates are so pretty. Every Jew is full of mitzvot like a pomegranate is filled with seeds. Doesn't matter with which part of the Jewish community one identifies with or doesn’t identify with. How learned or unlearned one is. How...
The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., one of the world’s premiere schools for aspiring chefs and restaurateurs, hosted a kosher wine tasting and presentation by Israel’s Dalton Wines for 60 students. The event showcased 10 different wines ...
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