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Fruit & Fruit Products

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The Torah commands us only to eat animals which have split hoofs and chew their cud.
Why is it necessary for us to know the date of the “New Year for Trees”? The dispute: When is the New Year for Trees? And what lessons can we learn from the tree?
A Meditation
Some grow as wheat of the field, in a single season breaking through the ground and ripening.
For nearly three hundred years, coffee has been a popular beverage throughout the civilized world, but of the exact manner of its discovery we really know very little. Possibly you've heard of some of the ancient legends of goats frisking on the mountain ...
History of the Apple In honor of Tu-B'Shevat (15th day of Sh'vat), we will now talk about a fruit - a very special fruit - the Apple, "King" of all fruits (in Hebrew it is called Tapuach). Now, why should the apple, in particular, be known as the "King" o...
A special status is accorded to wine and grape products, and thus we must be especially vigilant
One blessing over wine precedes the betrothal ceremony, another the nuptials ceremony. Because the two ceremonies retain their own integrity even though united, two cups of wine should be used for the two blessings over wine. The Tosafists add that since ...
Two Offerings: Water and Wine Our Sages state Sukkah 51b. that “he who has not witnessed the cele­bration of Simchas Beis HaShoevah has never seen happiness in his life.” This refers to the celebration which accompanied the water libation, the offering of...
On Chanukah, as we all know, we light the Chanukah Lamp. The Chanukah Lamp consists of eight branches, with cups on top of each, which are filled with olive oil. We light the Chanukah Lamp each night of Chanukah in remembrance of the holy Menorah in the B...
Are you ready to challenge some of the things you’ve always thought to be true about the Jewish dietary laws? Let’s begin!
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