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Gratitude; Appreciation

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Gratitude is embedded everywhere in Jewish life and is so basic in Judaism.
Discover the profound mystical secrets of gratitude in the Jewish tradition and how this fresh perspective truly enriches our lives.
The meaning of the morning blessings, how they help us express gratitude and draw down G-dliness into our world.
In an age of increasing entitlement, how do we ensure that our children appreciate what life offers them?
How the name Jew ('yehudi') reflects our very character
Let’s not leave empty handed…
Why do we tend to focus on the negative over the positive? How do we change this perspective?
My husband bought me a necklace for our 1st anniversary, and while I appreciate the gift very much, I don’t really like the necklace...
Most of us today are looking for ways to live longer—whether with vitamins, special diets or other means. In this week’s portion, the Torah gives a simple tip for longevity: “Honor your father and your mother, that you may long endure on the land the L‑rd...
I never really thought about the impact he made, until he wasn’t there....
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