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Organ Transplant

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What type of person becomes an organ donor twice?! Meet Rabbi Ephraim Simon, a kidney and liver donor, and his supportive wife, Nechama, both Shluchim of Bergen County, New Jersey in a fascinating conversation with Chana Weisberg.
Rabbi Steinsaltz discusses the permissibility of organ donation. He compares live-organ donation to deceased organ donation and considers the impact of the family's opinions on the decision to harvest organs. Rabbi Steinsaltz addresses the concern of some...
This short video presents the journey of how Mr. Jack Hananya obtained a lifesaving organ donation from Rabbi Zalman Sandhaus. Let's make the world a brighter place with acts of goodness and kindness. A project of Kidney Assist; video production: Yuvla Me...
Rabbi Nosson Blumes shares the story of how he ended up volunteering to donate a kidney to a woman he had never met.
A series of online and personal connections leads to a life saved
On Rosh Hashanah this year, Vicki O’Neill Haber stepped out of synagogue services in Denver because her 9-year-old son, Max, needed to take a break. Outside the sanctuary, she saw someone who looked familiar. A woman named Rachel had also left services be...
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