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Blessings of the Shema

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The third section of prayer consists of the Shema and its preceding and following blessings. They correspond to the third rung on the ladder of prayer—the realm of intelligence, which is higher than the previous two rungs of action and emotion.
This class explains the purpose and inner intent for the next section of prayer, the blessings of Shema, starting with the first blessing of Yotzer Ohr.
This class sheds light on the second blessing of Shema; Ahavas Olam, and how it relates to the Shema itself.
The Hebrew word for prayer, tefilah means "to judge." It also means "attachment"
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The blessing following the Shema is an uninterrupted continuation, wherein we affirm the absolute truth of the Shema with fifteen different expressions. We validate the fulfillment of G-d’s promises of the past and declare our confidence in His salvation ...
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 34
The second blessing of the Shema begins with the words Ahavat Olam (an everlasting love), and highlights the special love G-d displays towards the Jew, which in turn arouses a love from the Jew to G-d.
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