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Motzoei Shabbat

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Motzoei Shabbat: the night following Shabbat day
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Following every Shabbat, duality is absorbed by oneness.
Following every Shabbat, duality is absorbed by oneness.
What is the connection between Elijah the Prophet and Saturday night?
The sages in the Talmud tell us to “always set the table after Shabbat even to eat small amount of food." Here's why.
It was winter, and as they set out on their journey, snow began to fall, and strong winds pushed them from the snow-covered road.
So you’ve been invited to a havdalah ceremony, and aren’t sure what to expect? Here’s what you need to know.
We sanctify the Shabbat by distinguishing it from the mundane weekdays which precede and follow it. When the Shabbat departs we bless the One who separates the Shabbat from the rest of the weekdays.
In the course of Havdalah we sniff at aromatic spices and gaze at a braided candle. What are the reasons for these practices, and how exactly are they done?
Till when can havdalah be said? What to do if you don't have wine. Why wine? The answers to these questions and more...
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