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Jacob Wrestles with Angel

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The angel tries to disentangle himself from Jacob but cannot do so. He is forced to beg Jacob to let him go.
Practical Parshah—Vayishlach
The story of Jacob’s struggle with an angel provides the source for the prohibition of eating the sciatic nerve of an animal. In this class, other complicated issues involving the preparation of kosher meat are also discussed.
Why We Usher the Shabbat Angels Out
A person invites guests for dinner. He introduces the guests to his family, sits down at the table—and then not three minutes later, before the first morsel of food is served, the guests are shown the door...
Why, in this case, do we remember something by not eating?
Vayishlach Parshah Report
Jono learns some wrestling pointers from our forefather Jacob
I doubt if the stirring cry "Never again," has, on its own, dissuaded even one young man or woman from assimilating. If the only message our children hear is "remain Jewish, because of the Holocaust" wouldn't this, if anything, propel the process of assim...
Just because 4,000 years ago one of my ancestors had a hip dislocated, I need to forgo a good rump steak?
The “child” and the “servant” exist in all relationships: in the family, in the workplace, and in our divine service.
We are far more willing to tolerate differences with those who validate us than with those who don't. In a friend's hands such trust can enhance a relationship; but in the hands of a foe such trust can be cunningly exploited...
How we inject spirituality into the butchering process
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