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Michael, The Angel

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Clumsy failures as we are, we still have something they can never attain
These guys are heavily into the divine energy; you could call them spiritual junkies. Face it: the most successful soul here below cannot hope to dance as gracefully as the clumsiest malach...
Angels don’t say l’chaim on Simchat Torah, so they arose to sing G-d’s praises in the heavens at the usual time. They found heaven littered with strange objects: torn slippers, broken heels. "Yes," admitted the angel Michoel, "this is my merchandise"
Sometimes we find it hard to rejoice. Life can be tough and there is darkness all around us. Then, the One Above sends us a message with the Lulov shake. As thousands of Chabadniks are sharing the lulov with Jews on street corners, we bring you this true ...
It had been a drizzly morning, gray and overcast, and I stood like a soldier outside a local bagel shop.
Decoding the hidden messages
The parsha of Tetzaveh contains 101 verses and the mnemonic is the name Michael. Explore the coded message in the mnemonic and its connection to the general themes of the Parshah and the day of Adar 7 (Moses’s birthday and yahrtzeit).
The term “archangel” doesn’t actually have a Hebrew equivalent in Jewish Scriptures.
There are ten types: Chayot Hakodesh, Ophanim, Erelim, Chashmalim, Seraphim, Malachim, Elokim, Bene Elokim, Cheruvim, and Ishim--ranked according to the degree of their understanding of G‑d.
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