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Holy Tongue, the; Hebrew

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Hebrew, the language of the Bible, is also known as the Holy Tongue. For thousands of years, Jews have prayed, studied, written and read in this ancient language. According to tradition, the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet hold the secrets to the creati...
1. Shalom (shah-LOME) שלום Perhaps the best-known Hebrew word today is shalom, which means “peace” or “wellbeing.” It also can be used for both “hello” and “goodbye.” Explore shalom 2. Todah (toe-DAH) תודה Hebrew for gratitude or acknowledgement, this is ...
Hebrew has evolved over time. Stay up to date with the facts about this ancient language.
The Hebrew language is extremely potent. The Torah tells us that until the incident of the Tower of Babel, all of mankind spoke the same language: Biblical Hebrew.
Question: After attending a lecture on the holiness of the Hebrew language, a question comes to mind: Why is it that so many of the great books in Torah—including the Talmud—are not written in Hebrew? Does that make them less holy? Response: You’ve stumbl...
All of the prayers in my synagogue are in Hebrew, and I don't understand a word of what we're saying. Should I better read the Hebrew which I don't understand, or the English which I do understand?
What does the word "Hebrew" mean? And how did that become the name of the first Jews?
From the outside, people think I am doing great. They compliment how patiently I am waiting for my double lung transplant and how well I am preparing for it. But truth be told, I am not really handling it so well...
The Not-thing
The other day I realized that I hadn't seen G-d in quite a while -- probably not since childhood... Where did I misplace Him?
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