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Elijah the Prophet

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Elijah the Prophet: a) A disciple of Ahijah the Shilonite, he famously challenged the prophets of Baal at Mt. Carmel. He did not die, rather ascended to heaven in a fiery chariot in 718 BCE. He was succeeded by his student Elisha. According to Jewish tradition, he occasionally reappears to rescue individuals from danger and reveal secrets of the Torah to the worthy. Additionally, he visits every brit and Passover Seder. Ultimately, he will announce the coming of Moshiach. b) A common Jewish name.
The wind, earthquake and fire – all these were miraculous and astounding phenomena, so why did G‑d choose to appear in the small voice?
(When Pinchas is read before the Three Weeks, this haftarah is read. When it falls in the Three Weeks, we read the haftarah for Matot.) The haftarah I Kings 18:46-19:21. for Pinchas is from the book of Melachim Aleph (I Kings). It comes right after Eliyah...
Pinchas took action. He was a strong man, a zealot. But does that action express the virtue of peace? Yet G‑d says that in reward for his action "I give him My covenant of Peace."
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