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באתי לגני, יו"ד שבט, תשי"א

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A Fresh Rendering of Chapter Five of the Classic Maamar, Basi L'Gani
A fresh, very readable adaptation of chapter five of the classic maamar, Basi LeGani.
Exploring the chassidic discourse that defines our generation
Which garden? Who’s coming to the garden? And why is this arrival in the garden such an important message for our generation?
Defining our Purpose on Earth
An English translation of the last Chassidic discourse written by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Shneersohn, Yud Shvat 1950, and the first Chassidic discourse delivered by Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, Yud Shvat 1951.
"שכינה" היא ראשית התגלות אוא"ס, וישנה בכל מקום לפי ענינו. ודיוק הלשון "עיקר שכינה" – שהגילוי בתחתונים הי' עיקר ופנימיות השכינה, אור שלפני הצמצום שלמעלה מעולמות. עיקר הסילוק הוא סילוק השכינה מהארץ לרקיע (שנעשה ע"י חטא עץ־הדעת, שהוא עיקר החטאים), וכן עיקר ה...
Bring Heaven Down to Earth
The sages state that “all sevenths are cherished.” This is the reason, they explain, why Moses was the one who merited to bring G-d’s Presence into this world—because he was the seventh from Abraham.
Although there exists no man who has the temerity to say, "I shall serve like our forefather Avraham," nevertheless, some small measure of service in a similar vein can -- and must -- be performed by each and every one of us. The power to do so has been g...
Through the subjugation and transformation [of the folly of unholiness] into the folly of holiness the objective of creation is accomplished -- to provide a dwelling place for G-d in this nether world. Indeed, the dwelling made for G-d in this world throu...
This, then, is the significance of the "departure of a tzaddik:" Although there has already been considerable concealment and cloaking [of holiness], and there have also been many questions and inexplicable occurrences, nevertheless, all this did not suff...
At the conclusion of the maamar [in chapter 5] the Rebbe explains that the Beis HaMikdash was the principal place wherein the Essence of the Shechinah was revealed within this world. [He goes on to explain that] this was why the Mishkan was made of acacia...
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